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Since 1935 the family Kranenburg lives at Rijnlanderweg 1637 in Nieuw-Vennep in the Netherlands. The agriculture company moved on from father to son. In 1992 Léon Kranenburg took over the company with his brother. Since 2002 Léon Kranenburg is the sole owner of the company. He now has around 200 hectares of cultivated land where he grows potatoes, onions, sugarbeet and wheat.

Léon Kranenburg is also doing wage work for other farmers. For more information you can click on heading ‘Wage work’.

In 2012 we built a new storage which is now in use by the potato wholesale. Next to the storage we have a weigh bridge where we can weigh the products straight away.

Kranenburg stands for quality, service and experience for over 20 years

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